Elect an Experienced & Proven Leader for our Community

Thank you for coming to learn more about Amy Jo Wittenberg, candidate for Indian Head Park Village President.

Proactive Leadership
Fiscal Responsibility
Innovative & Collaborative

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Why support Amy in the upcoming election on April 4th?

Amy is a long-time 30+ year resident of IHP and has a deep understanding and love for our community. She grew up in Wilshire Green Condominiums and came back to raise her family in a single family home. She is a graduate of Highlands and LTHS, as are her husband and 2 children.

Amy has served the IHP Community for the last 17 years in public office:
- 8 years as an IHP Trustee
- 9 years as a District 106 Highlands School Board Member

This past year Amy led a group of concerned neighbors to steer the Wolf Rd. project toward incorporating a formal public participation and advocacy process. She has a voting record while on the Board of Trustees that shows she listens to resident preferences and votes on issues with that in mind.

- IHP residents made their preferences clear regarding family friendly retail for our Triangle redevelopment guiding her vote regarding cannabis retail in the Village.

- HOA residents made their opinions known regarding the sidewalk on Acacia Drive and Amy voted with the residents preferences at the forefront.