About Amy...

Our Community deserves strong and collaborative leadership consistent with our residents preferences and needs. Amy is a life-long resident committed to public service. 
- 8 years as IHP Village Trustee
- 9 Years as Highlands District 106 Board of Education Member


Listening to Constituents

Over the last few years, residents have become frustrated with our elected officials not listening to their preferences and opinions. Amy has a strong voting record of listening to residents' feedback and preferences when she was on the Board.  In the last year, Amy led a group of concerned neighbors to steer the Wolf Rd Reconstruction Project towards incorporating a formal public participation and advocacy process. As a result, our Village avoided an unpopular and fast-tracked major expansion of the road.

Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership

Amy will be laser focused on making sure major reconstruction and infrastructure projects are:
- In line with our residents' needs and preferences
- Protect our natural landscape and mature tree canopy
- Minimize right of way land acquisition
- Lessen truck traffic
- Support safe routes to school for our children.

Residents should never be surprised by the scope of projects near their homes nor should projects negatively affect our green spaces, air quality or public safety.

Strengthen Village Planning Process

Amy will implement a prioritized process for planning and goals that will be rooted in resident listening sessions, board goal setting workshops and feedback from our department heads to coordinate our short and long-term planning in the Village.

Proven Fiscal Responsibility

We stand on firm financial standing, but need to be proactively managing the Village's  finances through timely Investment policy decision making and proactive grant management with detailed reporting of application status, request and declination information. Once elected, Amy would evaluate outside resources to help identify and manage the grant identification and application process. Many residents have mentioned the current Board goals "wish list" isn't well integrated into the overall financial planning process for the Village. Amy would incorporate all of this into a short and mid-term planning process that would be more aligned to Village goals and objectives.